Kashubia - the jewel of Pomerania

The Pomeranian Lake District and the Szwajcaria Kaszubska District are among the most attractive tourist regions of Poland. Kashubia is a place where, with every step, you can find idyllic landscapes, splendid lakes, surging streams and unspoiled forests. In Kashubia there are lots of opportunities to spend lazy days in the bosom of nature and try your hand at a strange Polish dialect. 

Apart from the buzzing night life around its numerous marinas and harbours, Pomerania as a whole abounds with admirable historical sites, including one of the world’s largest castles, and the secret WWII headquarters of a Nazi dictator...

Come and discover the beauty of Kashubia and Pomerania with us!


Day 1. Gdansk - Malbork

  • Arrival in Gdańsk, transfer to the hotel in Malbork.

  • Check-in at the hotel and a late breakfast.

  • Guided tour of Malbork Castle. This classic example of a medieval fortress is one of the largest in the world by surface area, and was built by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. It was substantially enlarged and embellished after 1309, when the headquarters of the Grand Master was moved here from Venice. After the Second World War, severe damage was restored, using detailed documentation from previous centuries. UNESCO designated it the ‘Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork’, and made it a World Heritage Site in December 1997. Whilst there, we’ll see the High Castle with the Corner Room, Dormitory, The Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Anne’s Castle. Next Middle Castle where we’ll have opportunity to see amongst other things Grand Refectory, Halebard Hall or Historical weapon exhibition.

  • Lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Next we invite you to the exceptional journey through the Malbork Castle, where the magic of illuminated medieval walls will surely leave unforgettable memories.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant.

  • Overnight stay in Malbork.

Day 2. Malbork - The Wolf's Lair - Malbork

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Transfer to the Wolf’s Lair – the most secret Eastern Front military base, located in the heart of the Mazurian forests. This was Hitler’s Headquarter from 1941 to 1944. This is actually an entire hidden town of 200 buildings, including bomb shelters, two runways, a railway station and barracks. In 1944, more than 200 people lived here. But despite the security, the most notable assassination attempt against Hitler was made here on the 20th of July 1944, by Count Claus von Stauffenberg.

  • Visit to the bunkers in Gierłozy, and a ride in a Sztabowoz military car.

  • Lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Visit to Mamerki – Hitler’s HQ.

  • Transfer to Malbork.

  • Sightseeing in the city from a light train.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant.

  • Overnight stay in Malbork.

Day 3. Malbork - The Ostrodzko-Elblaski Channel - Malbork

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Transfer to Elbląg, to the Ostrodzko-Elblaski Channel (colloquially known as the ‘Elblaski’. This is a unique feat of hydro-technical engineering, and connects the Western-Mazurian (Oberland) lakes with the Vistula Reservoir. The uniqueness of the system comes from the almost-100m vertical height difference between levels, resulting from the natural terrain of the region, which is accounted for in the journey between the reservoirs – each at drastically different heights above sea level – by five ‘slides’. When navigating the Elbląski, it sometimes feels like the boat is sailing through grass!

  • Our cruise takes in the main stretch of the Elbląg Canal with the system of five inclined channels, as well as the ornithological nature reserve around Druzno Lake.

  • Cruise along the Elbląg-Buczyniec Channel.

  • Lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Free time in the city centre.

  • Cooking lesson at the Culinary Academy in Malbork. Degustation of self-prepared local dishes!

  • Overnight stay in Malbork.

Day 4. Malbork - Gdansk - Malbork

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Departure to Gdansk. 

  • Tour of Gdansk – ‘The Open City’. A thousand-year history, a location at the crossroads of important trade and transport routes, an extensive port and long mercantile tradition – all this makes Gdansk a centre for many cultures, nationalities and denominations. The first mention of the city dates back to 997 A.D., and it is the historic capital of the Gdansk-Pomerania region, and the largest city in Kashubia. In modern times, Gdańsk is well known as the birth place of the Solidarity movement, which under the leadership of Lech Walesa, played a major role in abolishing Communism in Poland.

  • Our guided tour will take in the main sights of the city. We’ll see the famous Dluga Street (Long Street) and Dlugi Targ Street (Long Market Street), Artus Court, the Neptune Fountain, the Town Hall, the Golden House, The Crane, St. Mary’s Basilica, the Amber Museum and the Grand Mill. Our local guide will bring the local legends closer to us.

  • Lunch at a local restaurant in city centre.

  • After lunch, we’ll take another cruise, on the Gdańsk – Westerplatte – Gdańsk route, with a visit to Westerplatte. The peninsula is famous for the Battle of Westerplatte, which was the first clash between Poland and Germany in the Second World War.

  • In the afternoon there will be free time for shopping on Długa Street.

  • Transfer to Malbork.

  • Dinner at hotel restaurant.

  • Overnight stay in Malbork.

Day 5. Malbork - Gdansk

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Transfer to airport and flight home.


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